Friday, June 18, 2010

Don't You Love The Oldies?

This is our trainers’ old trial dog, Kate

Not to be confused with Dingbat Kate

I think she’s about 103. And I’m not even talking dog years. She is one of those old dogs that just has that look in her eyes that tells you she’s had a good life. Very round, very friendly eyes. Despite her age and one bum leg, she still takes her sheepdog duties very seriously.

Whilst us with the Dummy Dogs chase herd work sheep, she quietly watches the gals in the front pasture.


Occasionally she decides they have had enough of that little bit of grass and could you please meander to another spot? Thankyouverymuch


When the gals have taken up the new spot, Miss Kate can even find the time to smile for a picture

You have to love a dog with a desire to be useful.
Wish I had one.


  1. what awesome pictures. I love a tribute to an old dog, that refuses to be old and still loves her job! Us humans could learn a lesson from Kate!LOL

  2. old doggy tributes are well deserved
    Benny & Lily

  3. Old and disabled dogs have no idea that they are old and disabled. Gotta love the attitudes.

  4. Great Photos! Ahhh! The working dog!