Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An Intro

No, I didn’t get another dog. I need another dog like I need another dog.

The term “the girls” can now encompass the additional 2 girls. Well, I suppose since we moved in here, we are the additional girls, but you get the drift. Yes, that’s right. We are 4 bitch household. You know what they say, never get 2 girls. As you have seen, my two get on horribly.

What horrors await when you square 2 bitches?

Lots of space issues

Really. They hate each other.

Myka is under constant stress

Spice now has an ulcer

Kate wants to run away

Bella want to see a therapist

They are miserable - see?


  1. Great blog! really enjoyed it especially the paw picture! :) thanks

  2. Spice and Myka are gorgeous. No wonder they hate them - they must be jealous. ;)

  3. Wow, excellent portraits of those dogs! You really know how to capture their expression well.

    Awesome that they all get along, sounds like you girls will have lots of fun together!

  4. ha ha! You live with Aus-sies! You live with Aus-sies!

    Welcome to my hell ;-)

  5. Spice's right eye- the amber one with the blue spot- is just stunning.

    I love that the bitches are all getting along so well.

  6. "Welcome to my hell ;-)"

    You could have warned me! But, it's Crazy Barking Aussies vs. Angry Hams. Meh, what to do?

    Conversations in the house:

    HM: Stop barking!
    Me: You shouldn't have gotten Aussies

    Me: Stop effin staring at me!
    HM: You shouldn't have gotten Border Collies.


  7. the roomies are super cute!!! I like how there are two. and the colors all kinda match. it looks good!

  8. They all look so tourtured. :) The new roommates are very cute. Of course, your girls are gorgeous too.

  9. I love how you made sure to match dogs; never mind the furniture, will our dogs look good together? :-)

    Wonderful photos.

    Mixing females together in a household gives me the heebeejeebies, probably because we used to have a wire fox terrier bitch who hated other females (but LOVED boys, esp big giant ones). And I heard Patricia McConnell talk about dog aggression between cohabiting dogs & she said if it was 2 females you were essentially hooped as her exp was that if they decided to hate each other, there was not much you could do other than rehome one. Otherwise they'd just bide their time and wait for you to make a mistake and let them at each other.....

    I know many people manage females together in households but I think I'm too chicken.

  10. Spice has amazing eyes btw. What a great looking dog! And yes, I am sure you probably do not need to add another to what you already have from a "space" perspective. LOL

  11. Very beautiful dogs! They look like a happy pack :)

  12. You've been tagged for a Kreativ Blogger Award by The Amazing Woo:

  13. Wow your dogs are BEAUTIFUL! Their coloring and their eyes in those photos just blow me away. How's the fur situation on the couch, with those four fighting for room on it? :P