Friday, July 24, 2009

Crappy Pics

Really crappy. In more ways than one crappy. Really, they are horrible. Bad lighting, out of focus, the whole shebang. However, I think they are funny. Maybe you need to know Bella to know how funny.

Bella has a poop problem. She loves other animal poop, as we have discussed before. Sheep, cows, cats, squirrels, etc. Dog poop, however, she is completely disgusted by. Even her own. She can’t get away from her own poop fast enough. Like she is completely freaked out that something that vile would come out of her. God forbid she accidentally step in dog poop. She will literally stop dead in her tracks holding the offending foot up and wait for me to take care of it. Complete with look of horror.

I don’t know what the dog that produced these photos ate, but it pulled Bella out of a dead run. Until she realized what it was.


Ugh, in public, no less


  1. Okay, so I know you feed your dogs poop. Does this alone keep their coats so shiney, or do you supplement their diet? Wot's the back-up diet: kibble or raw? Name of kibble please.

  2. No raw here. I am one of the evil kibble feeders. :) They eat the regular Innova stuff in the green bag. They only suppliment they get is Glyco Flex.

  3. That's really funny! Most dogs I know just do their business and take off. A few dogs, like Chloe, a Siberian husky mix, will smell another dog's poop pile and move on.

    To each dog, his or her own. LOL!

  4. Wow! That seems to be a pretty common dog issue, and my dog will normally just to rub her body in poop, which I hate. I have no idea why she loves the smell so much...