Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fancy Footwork

Since one of the dogs, who shall remain nameless *cough*Kate*cough* tore up some feeties again, we are in the house for a few days. To pass some time and get them off my back, we do a little clicker training. We are working on crossing front feet.

It takes Kate a while to be comfy with something new. Until she is completely sure what you are asking for she not-so-willingly participates. Her photos end up looking like a hostage reading a scripted letter…

Um, yeah, things are great, they are treating me well…

Food is good. I’m getting plenty to eat…

They only hit me when I’m bad…

I’d really like to leave now…

Bella, on the other hand, total boredom. Nothing thrown? No fun.

Waiting for treats is stimulating, though

And since her sister is at agility class tonight, Miss Myka gets to play, too. She is doing really well considering it’s only her second footie session and she has done no footwork at all. It is a lesson in patience for me. Shaping is not my strong suit. I do a lot of muttering under my breath….FurChristsSakeStopNoseTouching… FurChristsSakeStopNoseTouching… FurChristsSakeStopNoseTouching…


  1. shaping is an exercise in patience that's for sure!!! cute photos as always!

  2. These are beautiful photos.