Thursday, January 1, 2009

Give Her An Inch

OMG, you want the ball *that* bad?
Fine, take it...all yours...sheeshUm, I just meant that once...Helllooo, Kate!....just that one!Oh my, something is really wrong herePlease don't tell me this is how my year is going to go How is this even possible?
Deeeeep breathYou know what? Just give me my damn ball back!


  1. I am sitting here giggling...I can't help but notice that the gals are almost in perfect sync in the last couple of pictures. Priceless!

  2. Poor Bella, she looks truely and deeply concerned!

  3. Hey Mate. That's Two Gorgeous Dogs you've got there. Very Behaved Compared To My Banshee Travis Who On My Blog Looks Very Sedate But... Hey Looks can be deceiving.
    Catch ya l8a