Monday, January 5, 2009

And The Whining Ensues

You ever just have one of those weekends? Yeah? Well, this one was ours. I *totally* should have just stayed home. I probably shouldn't whine, but I will. I will also be oh-so-kind as to provide my whining in list form so it doesn't chew up too much of your time.

1) Decide to go up day-of instead of day before. Up at 3AM. Really stupid.

2) Brought camera. Forgot batteries. Also really stupid.

3) Super cold out

4) First time at all-indoor show. No likey. Too many barking dogs. *cough*Aussies*cough*

5) Wanted to get Brown Dog re-measured. One venue = under 20". Other venue = over 20". Tired of having to jump her at 20" because the only place she stores fat on her body is on her whithers.

6) Absolutely fantastical gamblers run. 58 points! NQ'd for being over time. Bella being too greedy after buzzer. Damn her.

7) Another great run in Fullhouse. No Time because Bella grabbed her leash off the hook on the way to the table. Was just being efficient. Multi-tasking. Being good dog, not playing with "toys in the ring." Must have heard the "stop taking so much time going in and out of the ring" talk at the briefing. No good deed goes unpunished.

8) Kate's first trial. Great run. Stayed with me even though she was completely freaked out by all the crazy barking Aussies. Though she Q'd. Guess not. Must have blown a contact. Boooo.

9) Crappy Standard run. Popped out of weaves. Entered them backwards.

*shakes fist in Bella's general direction*

(Second round was great, though!)

10) Forgot toothbrush.

11) 22° on Sunday morning. Twenty-frickin-two! I should just move if I have to be exposed to that crap. I can be cold in much cheaper states!!

12) Colors run Sunday morning. Bella's back feet slip going over a triple. Lands on jump with top pole just under elbows. PVC flying everywhere. Totally un-happy dog. Had WTF look on her face.

13) Decide to just go home before someone loses an eye.


  1. Some days you just shouldn't get out of bed.

    The first agility trial I attended (as an observer, I don't have an Aussie) was at Aussie Nat'ls. Outdoors. It was eye-poppingly loud, I don't know how the dogs or handlers could concentrate. My ears still hurt when I think of it.

  2. From the owner of a non barking aussie (who recognizes the "You better be quiet" Look of Death) you have my apologies. What a weekend! Aspen and I finished our Rally Novice in the pouring down rain in September on the top of a windblown hill. Neither one of us felt like celebrating. But man, when you've paid the entry fees you can rationalize all sorts of things!!

  3. Holy Sh$@&$%%^T. (Yes, I realize that's much too many extra symbols more than necessary, but I felt it fits your situation.) I'm sorry your weekend was wacky. Maybe next weekend will be awesome and totally make up for this one?! :)

  4. I absolutely know the feeling. Our next trial is this weekend. I'm fearing that your weekend is going to be reenacted by me. If it makes you feel better, it's pretty cold here in AZ now, too. The last trial was done in frost!!

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