Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Secret Park

Not so secret yesterday. It was, dare I say, bustling! And here I thought we'd have a quiet 4th run. The nice thing is, though, people that take their dogs to places without fences are generally those with dogs that don't run off without a fence. We were not harassed even once and were free to shoot Kate doing weird things as normal!
I guess it was a little buggy, 'cause there was a lot of ..... "Something in my ear!"

So, I think I've narrowed down the 2 main reasons Kate sucks at catching the ball.

Reason One:

Reason Two: She's too damn fast

I have a disturbing number of these shots If I throw it just right, though...success!____________________________

A girl and her ball
Dana nana nana nana BatKate!

And, I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th. I am lucky to have dogs that couldn't care less about fireworks. Here's hoping the same for you.

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