Sunday, April 27, 2008

We Had A Breakthough!

Tell me what you seeThat's right! Two floating heads. It just so happens that one of those heads belongs to Bella. She is swimming! She must have read the blog and been offended by my making light of her aquatic deficiencies. She struggled a bit for the first few minutes then apparently decided she had enough of the sidelines gig and just went for it.Now, Bella is no match, on land or off, when it comes to Kate's speed. She did, however, figure out that she could beat Kate to the ball by doing this "trying to walk on water" thing.
I'm so excited for Bell, but I feel a little bad for Kate. I mean, swimming was the only activity that Kate got to play Batman instead of Robin, you know? She has now been demoted to sidekick status once again. She started getting this face when beaten to a ball.And finally resorted to the why-bother-I'll-just-wait-here thingOh come on, Kate. Shake it off.Your sister's still a water dork

And for no real reason, I give you...turtle!

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