Monday, April 14, 2008

Role Reversal

If my dogs were kids, Bella would be the popular one. The straight A student. The captain of the volleyball team. On the student council. A date for every dance. Kate, OTOH, would be the dorky little sister that follows her around.

That all changes, however, when water is involved. At least when the water goes above the knees. Poor Belly Boo can't swim. Kate is a swimming fool. If there is water...she's in it. Swimming is actually the only thing Kate has never questioned, never been nervous about.

Who's the cool one now?

That's a lot of splash for 31 pounds!

And then there's the annoying big sister who won't leave you and your floaty ball alone.

You know, the big sister that "dog paddles" with both front feet out of the water.
The one who "gophers" on the shore anxiously awaiting your return.The one who makes such a fuss that other dogs have to come stare at her in all her foolishness.
In Bella's defense, she did spend her formative years in Arizona. Not much swimming to be had in the desert. She does occasionally accident.
Then it's right back to the splish-splash

I do have to throw it in the shallows for her a few times. I mean, she is my puddin' and all.


  1. my border collie Dune was much like Bella. he'd go in til his chest hairs hit the water, and that was it.

    what solved it was a life vest. it gave him great confidence in the water, and now he is a very strong swimmer. might want to give it a try.

    i HIGHLY recommend the RuffWear float coat. excellent stuff.

  2. That would probably work. I also think if I ever had the oppotunity to get in the water with her I could get her over it fairly quickly.

    But, however cruel it may sound, Swimming Bella wouldn't be half as entertaining as Splashing Bella. :-P

  3. Woah, pawsome pictures dudes!!!!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer