Monday, April 21, 2008


So, I rented a fisheye lens. My thinking many pics can one take with one of those, really? Apparently the answer is A LOT! Man, this thing is fun. If I'm not totally bored with it by the end of the week it's going on my list. The girls are going to have a long week, though. They are annoyed with me already.

Got camera? Check. Got chicken? Check. Let the dog torture begin!

OMG! Is that chicken?It is! Num. Num.

Chicken, please.

No, really, I'd like some chicken.CHICKEN!!PleeeheeeheeesseeePoor Kate, this is her goto trick. Waving, really? Yeah, that's all she's got.See? Still in the background with the waving.And finally, for today, the reason one of Bella's nicknames is Walrus Lips


  1. I love the picture of Bella covering her eyes. The fisheye looks like fun!

  2. Love that last shot of the walrus lips!

  3. OMD! Those are amazing shots. Renting that Fisheye was totally worth it. Been wanting to ask you, what kind of camera do you have?