Thursday, January 1, 2015

A new years romp

Not in our normal New Year’s park. I would like to be able to say I switched it up this year for some meaningful reason. Like, last year was just full of suckage. Different start to this year? Hopefully a better one? Not really. I just got on 880 instead of 280 and ended up going somewhere else. We have a lot of 80’s in the Bay Area….80, 280, 680, 880, 580….it’s all very confusing. By the time I realized my road choice error I didn’t feel like correcting it. 

It was a really beautiful day out today. With all the freeze warnings and doom and gloom weather reports I was expecting worse. Just a lovely and normal January afternoon. 

he rain we have been getting caused us to deal with something we have not had to in quite some time… 

Balls lost in tall grass 


There was much frantic searching 


By Bella, anyway. 
Kate is no help at all 


She does not understand the seriousness of an MIA ball situation 


The product of a short-term memory issue. 

What are doing again? 


Thank goodness for The Saver of Days 


Such a handsome pair 


Hope you all had a safe New Years. We are the staying in type as I am not a fan of the alcohol and fireworks holidays. I don't care for either of those things on their own. Together? No thanks.

Bella has been getting more and more bothered by fireworks as she ages. Really just the past few years. She doesn't bark or freak or have a panic attack, but is clearly no longer a fan. Last night was the first night that she actually shook. I gave them both 1.5 mg of melatonin and they were out cold in 20 minutes. 

At midnight we had a little bit of this...

And a little bit of this...

Yay for that. 

They both looked so refreshed this morning. Slept like logs. 

Good to know I have something that works.

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  1. I found that my elderly dogs were more noise sensitive as they got older, up until they actually lost their hearing. I wonder if early changes in their hearing makes it harder for them to localize sounds, so they can't tell where the scary bangs are coming from. Or maybe they just get sensitized to them eventually. Fortunately, none of my current dogs are too bothered by fireworks, though Wiley did just come jump in my lap when one went off down the street (come on, neighbors, new year's eve was two nights ago).