Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beach day

I would love the beach so much if it didn’t have sand. Lord, how I hate that stuff. You know, it wouldn’t be so bad if it were at all possible to leave it there. I guess if you live there you just get used to it? It’s traveling properties are remarkable. I had a chapstick in the car. Opened it to use it on my drive home. IT HAD SAND IN IT. Never left the car. WTH?

 Speaking of sand, this one will be pooping sand castles in a few hours.


I don’t know how many face plants one needs to do before on realizes that slowing down a bit may be beneficial. She did not reach that magic number today. 


And this camera juggling thing is a pain. Maybe going back to just one body is the best? I’m not sure how I am doing it but I keep accidentally adjusting the exposure bias. I didn't check when I started shooting this morning. My bad, I know. So all the really funny pictures where they are getting their willies out look like this… 


I guess we just call it “art” and run with it? 

It was a stunning day today. Perfect dog temperature, too. I didn't get some extended sillies. 


But just the tail end. More old lady posing after energy drain. 


Pelly over Carmel. 


Belly over Carmel.


After she cleaned her face off by ingesting a half pound of sand. Certain bits will be very clean tomorrow!


  1. Looks like a good time, and that's a nice shot of that pelican.

  2. Finn loves to bring the sand back home and leave it on the carpet to play with later!
    Looks like they had a good time