Thursday, September 25, 2014

What's that?

Rain, rain, rain!

Like, actual wet stuff falling from the sky. Woke both Bella and me up early. Been a long since we have heard tink, tink, tink on the gutters. Kate slept through as she isn’t much concerned with those sorts of things.


When I was walking to my car this morning I thought, “I wonder how these tires are going to be in the rain.” Then I thought, “I bought this car in January.” January! This is the first time I have driven it in the rain. Nine months. Wow.

It was raining pretty good for several hours. We walked this morning. They were not totally soaked through to the skin everywhere, but enough that they will be soft and fluffy when I get home.


And don’t try to figure out how to use a speed light on a new camera at 5:30 AM. Unless you want funny Blair Witch Project pictures of Bella.


That face. It kills me.

It took me so long to figure it out she was damn near dry when I got a shot she was fully visible in.


Eh well. Going by the California schedule, I have another nine months to figure it out!

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