Sunday, September 7, 2014


I have been trying to get to know my new camera before my trip. Learning curve is larger than I expected. It is really hard to get used to having such a small camera in my hand. I feel like I am going to break it or drop it or forget that it is there. It is certainly not as *present* as a DSLR. It is also really easy to put your finger on the viewfinder or sensor or lens. Not a lot of real estate. You remember Will Ferrell with the tiny phone in the Jeffery’s skit? That’s about how it feels. 


Interrupted by squirrel on wire 


I think it will be fine for portrait-y and tourist-y type shots. Good thing seeing as that’s what I bought it for. Just need to kick the tires more. One of the issues with point and shoots is that you lose the depth. Photos tend to look flat. Flat makes Kate look like a giant. 

Yes, the fence comes up to her rib cage. 


It’s also proving hard to get shots of Kate in the sun. Her white bits are always so blown out. More toying or a filter or shade… 

Or, just get ticked dogs. 



  1. It is such a learning curve. I just bought a waterproof Nikon point and shoot, and it feels so different. And sometimes, I really hate the picture quality. I have to keep reminding myself why I got it, and that it does a good job at those things I got it for. Especially the whole waterproof thing, since it means I'm not risking my good cameras out on the water.

  2. Your pictures and your dogs are amazing!

  3. Your photos look great! You'd never know that you are still learning with the camera. Have fun photographing your adorable dogs - what great models :)