Monday, August 11, 2014


How are you?

We are fine.

Blog slacking again, I know. Sometimes one just has a life that doesn’t involve typing and cameras. So much change happening. I hate change. It’s very inefficient. Work is sucking up a lot of energy. Just how it goes some times.

Things with the girls are all normal and boring on a day to day basis. They play ball, go for walks and hikes, eat, sleep. Who needs pictures of that?

They, too, have some change to deal with. The daycare/boarding place that they have been going to for nine years is suddenly not doing boarding. They don’t exactly need daycare, but they go to keep up the familiarity with the place and people that they board with. So, new place. They started today. I have been peeking in on them when I have time. Bella is as Bella does. No surprises there. Kate? I am shocked at how much barking she is doing! Shocked, I tell you! Every time I have looked in, there is Kate…and her big gaping maw! Kate. My good quiet dog. The one who reacts to nothing. I think there are a few things going on. First, the old daycare had outside areas. As not to annoy the shit out of the neighbors, they tried to keep the dogs as quiet as they could. Not like library quiet, they are dogs, but no standing around barking for no reason, either. Two, just general excitement of a new environment. Three, toys. Old place did not have toys all over the place. Putting Kate in a room with a bunch of balls on the floor has apparently caused the self-control part of her brain to explode. All morning: pick up ball, drop ball, bark, watch it roll, pick it up again, bark, stare at it for a while, follow other dog that picked it, bark at them. Lather, rinse, repeat. She seems to be having a hell if a time. Doesn't looked stressed. Happy and loose. Just loud.

I suspect a slight coma this evening.

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