Tuesday, August 12, 2014

As I suspected

They had a good day. Ha.

They were tired, but not overly so in a been-stressed-all-day way, so that's good.

Kate was actually stiff. I don't think I have ever seen her like that. She did, quite literally, not stop moving all day yesterday. As no spring chicken, to be expected. I am a little concerned about her being over-excited. I know a lot of people think "crazy" is normal, or fun, or a sign that the dog is having the best time, or just a breed characteristic, but I am not of that train of thought. Being unstable of mind is not good. Particularly not good in a group of dogs. Kate can make other dogs want to tell her to knock it off. I am hoping that it is just first-timer syndrome and that she will settle into a route there, too. I do like that they crated her a few times to let her chill when they thought she was nearing threshold. We'll see.


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