Friday, March 7, 2014

Lump free since 2014!

Kate had her weird gum tumor-y thing taken off Wednesday. No issues at vet. They cauterized it instead of cutting so no stitches or bleeding or anything gross like that. She was also just sedated so no full on knock-you-out business. She was in good spirits that night. She doesn't get bent out if shape by days like that like Bella does. Such a trooper, that one. For such a weird, anxious dog there are some things that she is so roll with the punches with. It's weird, but I'll take it. Bella was actually glad to see her when she got home, too. All waggy and concerned. Bella usually looks at her a bit sideways like she thinks Kate's been out partying without her. 

 Yes, Bella, she was eating cheese and playing with kitties. 

 I got news this evening that the mass is benign. Per the report from Davis it is a mass "in reaction to chronic inflammation or infection." 

 I think it is a reaction to constant ball playing and not paying attention to where you are throwing your face.

 Kate has...umm....thickening? of her lips on the top and bottom where they sit over her canines. Like they are sort of calloused? When she goes for a ball she does so with head cocked to the side. She also tends to carry things like that. Not unusual for her to have abrasions in those areas. 

 I guess her face was just protesting the years of abuse. 

 She had to have 2 days off from toys. Not good for Kates mental health. That is a dog in need of endorphins. 
She got her fix this evening.


Sort of a fix for me too. Sweet baby Jesus, she's annoying when she hasn't had exercise! 

 Bella not annoying today at all. Just....old and tired. She got to go to daycare all by herself today. If you ask me, she was a little too happy about it. Bouncing in and bouncing back out again. Apparently busy day 'cause wiped out in the car as soon as the door closed. 

 Although, she was very happy to see Kate when we got home, so who knows. Maybe she just realized she was missing when she saw her again?

Goldfish memory.


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  1. Glad her lump is nothing serious. Hope she's back to ball chasing soon :)