Thursday, March 13, 2014

Food now, photos later

I got my D600 back from Nikon today. This was part of the dust/oil/smudgies-you-can't-get-rid of sensor problem recall of sorts. "Service advisory" if you are a lawyer-type. It was free, so good. But... isn't there always a "but?"...I no longer have the soft smudges that look like dust and in their place I have a bunch of these...

Thanks Nikon!

Really, Nikon? Did they chisel the oil spots off the sensor?

I haven't decided whether it's worth making a fuss. I don't print my photos and certainly not a professional, but it is irritating knowing they are there and irritating knowing they weren't before it got "fixed."

Why does everything have to be such a project?!

I was so excited to have the body back that the first thing I normally do when I get home was put on hold so I could take some test shots.

Can you take a guess at what the first thing usually is? 

Does this poor, poor, starving dog give you any indication?


Woe is her.

Pathetic, right?

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