Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter is here


And, yes, I know we live in California. And, yes, I know we have no right to complain about “cold.” 

27°F, though? That’s a complain-able temp even for here. Of course, that’s only at 6 AM. Sure. It’ll be 50-something soon enough. I actually like it like that. Cold enough in the morning that the natives say inside and we have the park to ourselves. Warm enough during the day to not be miserable. And, no snow. At least not the involuntary kind. I can drive to it soon enough if the mood strikes. It rarely does. Thinking about it, I haven’t seen snow in years. As someone who grew up in IL and spent 10 years in NH, that’s weird. Maybe a Tahoe run this winter. 

Kate should be used to it. Maybe been near the bay too long? She’s a mountain girl. Well, foothills anyway. She came from Murphys, CA. You know Murphys? On the way to Stanislaus National Forest, just beyond Glory Hole Recreation Area. 

Damn, that makes me laugh every time I see it. 

One would think a place called Glory Hole Recreation Area would be *IN* the bay area, yes? 

Poor Kate. 

The desert dog likes it even less. During sleepy time, anyway. Loves to be HOT at night now. 


The more blankets the better. I concur. 

She could stop aging any time now. That would be good. Fingers crossed that we have years left together, but she is starting to show that she is not a young-un’ anymore. I love it and hate it at the same time. Nothing beats an old dog. They’re just so…comfortable. However, being reminded that this will not be here forever totally sucks…


I think Kate will live for another ten years.

Just to be annoying.



  1. Ha! As a fellow Californian, I hear you. I've lived in Colorado and Northern NY, but somehow, when cold weather strikes a place that is usually mild, it just feels colder. One of my dogs is a kelpie, and he makes a big production of curling into a tight little ball and snuggling in the bed when it gets chilly.

    And we may get some snow tonight in my neck of the woods.

  2. I'm up in Washington and 27 degrees is COLD. That's what we're having during the day and it's in the teens at night. Crazy!!! It's going to warm up next week. For now, the dogs are snuggled in and waiting it out with us.