Saturday, December 28, 2013

Those little faces

Gah! Could you not just bite that little face right off?  

Sometime I can’t believe how much I lucked out.

I think we lucked out in the coat department, too. It just keeps getting crazier and crazier. I suspect if she were rough coated she would have that woolly mammoth hanging down to her knees thing going on by now.  

Still short, just….backwards. Less aerodynamic .  

And then the other face. She kills me when she tries to act like a collie.

We know better, don’t we?  

We are not even half way through vacay and I am already over it. I HATE time off to just stay home. That whole “stay-cation” thing is just dumb. Most folks would be thrilled to have 12 days off. Not me. Not without a plan. I don’t travel over the holidays because a) I don’t like boarding the dogs when they are crazy-busy over there and b) because they are crazy-busy you need to make reservation in, like, July. My place of employment can never seem to decide sooner than 2 days before what actual days we will have off. Knowing six months ahead is just not going to happen.

 So, I polished off all my Dexter episodes, been running every day, taking the East Bay Parks tour since dogs are not allowed off leash in the commie South Bay in which we live, and trying not to eat 5000 calories a day out of boredom. 

This is from my run this morning. This is the main marsh at Coyote Hills RP. Marsh. Yes, as in should be filled with water and migrating birds.

 Not a damn drop!  

Holy moly, are we dry. Driest year on record, I think. 

Even though we are dry, it is still grazing time in the parks. Not much for the cattle to eat, but apparently enough for them to….you know…  

Second only to sheep poop!

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