Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All Kinds Of Trotting

The globe kind.
I have been sitting on airplanes and showing my passport to a kajillion people and repeatedly saying, “no, I do not have any fruit” and in the middle of all that I had a little time to spend with my dad and see a bit of southern Spain. Thusly…
2013-03-12 07.54.59
2013-03-12 07.57.55
If you have a chance to go, please do so. Awesome. California weather with friendlier people. Olives and cured meats to die for. Nom!
I did not take my camera with.
I know!
I am not a landscape photo person. Didn’t feel like lugging it around and worrying about it, etc. I can’t decide if I regret that decision or not, but cell phone pics will have to do.
2013-03-12 07.53.19
The girls?
They had the not so fun kind of trotting.
Of course most people don’t enjoy leaving their dogs, but I have not had to worry too much in the past. They place they go is great. They have been going there for years – comfy with the environment, etc. Something about this trip, though. I was really uncomfortable about leaving them.
Apparently, I am psychic, but only when it comes to gastrointestinal distress.
All-knowing when it comes to the poop shoot.
They must have gotten a bug somewhere. Didn’t seem stressed at all, just runny. And one day Bella didn’t want to eat. That was a first. And, a little alarming to hear when I am on the other side of the planet. The daycare was great about keeping me updated – got my daily runs email. They were a smidge thinner when they got home but seemed otherwise fine. They just like to keep me on my toes, I guess.
I love older dogs, but I am not a fan of aging dog worries!


  1. Spain looks beautiful. Your phone photos are lovely, and fine for the internets. I don't like olives and can't eat cured meats, so I'll stay home. ;)

    I feel so badly for your babies. Tummy bugs happen. And what is it with mama radar?

  2. You should'a included the El Chorro pic in the post, Fan. We went back there and walked into the other end of the gorge - 2 mile hike horizontally and 600 feet vertically, same way back.