Sunday, December 30, 2012

If Kate Were A Bird And What To Do For A Photo Project

Ha! She would be the cleanup crew. And, a slightly more attractive one at that.
I always give Kate shit about getting her own life. She is the queen of sitting around and waiting for someone else to have an idea. If Bella has a hankering for a game of tug she … tada! … brings me a tug. Kate has never, ever, never in the seven and a half years I have had her just brought me toy because she felt like it. As soon as someone else decides to play she is all over it. She is ready to go 100% at the drop of a hat. No warm up time or convincing needed. Never first in line, though.
It’s so weird how personalities work.
Kate is a very good dog. Largely, though, she’s good because it simply doesn’t occur to her to do something bad. However, it also doesn’t occur to her to something good. At the last place I lived we had a doggy door. Great for Bella. Kate? Not so much. She wouldn’t go through it unless you told her to. Kind of defeats the purpose of being able to go outside and potty when you only go out to potty when you are specifically told to do so.
My little un-questioning worker bee
I would like to do some sort of photo project for next year, but I don’t know what. None of those 365 things. I am no fan of commitment and saying I will do something every single day for a year is just setting myself up to fail. Even just typing that stressed me out. Hell, a 52 weeks project may be too much. I want to feel like it’s a fun thing to be doing, not another job, you know? I was thinking about doing some version of a Big Year. Maybe dogs instead of birds? Maybe traveling? Photographing something other than what I normally shoot? Monthly themes? Any of you want to do a blogging group thingy? Ideas?
I have been getting some shooting in on my week off. Handsome fellow, yes?
Ferruginous Hawk
Spend any time on flickr? This time of year is nothing but Christmas tree light bokah shots and Cedar Waxwings eating fruit.
Unless you are me.
No tree. No effing waxwings.
I love those guys but I’ll be damned if I ever see one. Got the fruit and get stuck with Robins. Boo.
Amazing how quiet these guys are when they take off. I make more noise getting out of a chair.
And even though it's sort of right up there with photographing pigeons, I still love my ever-cooperative Scrub Jays.


  1. That egret (heron?) shot is incredible! Looks like it has a satin gown on rather than feathers.

  2. I would totally be up for a less-commitment type photography project. Maybe something like photographing every breed of dog? Or every dog sport in the area? Or just every sport in the area?

  3. This is the photo group I'm in (though I'm not very active at the moment). Lots of border colliers, some you'll recognize.

    It's pretty casual, some theme assigned every week or two, and they don't throw you out if you miss a few.

  4. The owl photo is beautiful!

  5. Love your owl pic! I'd be up for some sort of challenge... I want to do something but seeing as it is Jan 1 and I haven't decided yet, it might not happen.

  6. My middle child is a lot like Kate.

    I'm too ADD to commit to something long-term. It's too much like drudgery. But a short term project? On it. Your photos are amazing. I hope you determine a project you can get behind.

  7. That ferruginous hawk photo makes my heart sing! The combinations of textures and colors are amazing. And it makes me homesick. Have you considered making prints of your photos available for sale?

  8. Your photos are terrific. I try to make long term goals. Most times they happen other times they don't. Hope you find a new inspiration. Maybe shelter dogs?

  9. i love your bird photographs. i need better equipment..

  10. I wanted to stop and comment that I decided to challenge myself to take pictures of as many dog breeds and sports as possible this year, with the goal being to cover every breed (AKC/UKC) and sport in one year. If you want to join me, I am creating a Flickr group for the challenge as well.

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