Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cats and Dogs!

Well, no cats, really and only 2 dogs. Three if you count the effin husky that wouldn’t leave Bella alone and wouldn’t listen to me or his owner and came very close to having a chuck-it shoved up his obnoxious ass, but we’ll leave that alone. For now.
I like the rain.
When I don’t have to go somewhere.
Weekday mornings…maybe a bit of a pain. Trying to stay dry for work. And not just outside, but getting dogs dried at home before leaving for work? That’s cardio at my house. Bella hates a bath but loves a dry. Wet dog + towel = ecstasy for her. Ever try to hold a 33 pound fish that’s not dead yet? That’s drying Bella off.
Sunday morning, though? Fantastical! Means we can go just about anywhere and have the place to ourselves. Particularly since our rain today was limited to morning time. The light-weights stay at home to wait it out. Husky aside.
My dogs are Very Good. Exceptional, one might say. The poor beasts have been stuck inside for 2 days with a very ill owner. Not even just inside. In bed. 48 hours. That little Kate, weird as she is, exceptional bed company. I have never met a dog that likes being in bed more than her.
Belly can get a pesty from time to time. Idle threats usually take care of that, though.
So, this morning, since I was sort of back to feeling like a person, I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone. Exercise and pseudo-bathe dogs all at once. We went out during the worst of it. They ran their little heiny-holes off. We even broke the law and ran the totally empty park sans leash.
We were also all completely drenched. I don’t really have rain gear. More like drizzle gear. Maybe even just sort of foggy out gear. Twas OK, though. Certainly warm enough out.
Until you stop running.
Then cold damp sad faced dogs. But the ghetto bath worked! They may be cold and pouty now, but they are cold and pouty and shiny!
Yay rain!


  1. I must be a lightweight lol! I'm sure I will get used to it.

  2. Oh every dogs likes to be in bed when they are allowed to. Although, they like to be in bed even if they are not allowed to too.
    Your dogs are adorable, by the way. You are one lucky dog owner. And you have a nice blog going on here. Will check back for updates. Cheers!

  3. the only time our 2 dogs gets a shower is when it's raining or snowing. we'll let them out for bit and let them run and dry them off.

    perfect. =)

  4. Love the feel of rain-fresh dogs (when dry).
    In her youth, our shepherd-lab mix enjoyed going out in the rain. Now, at age 15+, she is clearly thinking, "Why are we out in this $%#@?" The answer is because she is too fastidious to do her business on piddle pads on the relatively dry porch.

  5. Your dogs are beautiful and I love the blog! I can relate to drying of a wet fish, for sure. This caught my eye because you said you were too sick to walk the dogs for a few days. I use a dog treadmill to supplement my dogs' exercise when I'm under the weather or when it's too darn hot if Florida to give them a good romp. I found a great site for it: Might be worth checking out. Hope you're feeling better. I'll be back to read more. Great blog.

  6. Look at those faces! Glad you're feeling better.

  7. I miss living in places where it rained all the time, but I have to admit I never used it as an impromptu bath. :D My dog's got a pretty thick coat though, and it just never seems to penetrate that much. Or I'm too much of a wuss to take him running in an appropriate downpour. :D He doesn't mind, though; he loves being in bed too, and if I try to take him out in really foul weather, he just turns around and goes into my room and goes to sleep. :D

  8. Always interesting theme dogs and cats :)

  9. Sounds like a better bathing experience than we ever have! Wrestling him in and out of the tub isn't easy (thank God he's only 15 lbs!)