Thursday, June 7, 2012

Party Poopers

So, we are off next week to the CPE trial in WA.

Some call it the Nationals.


Since there are 2 this year, we shall refer to it as the Half Nash.
It’s really just another trial wherein you spend more money for less runs.  However, since I declared 2012 The Year Of The Vacation, the road we will be hitting. Plus, it’ll probably never be on the west coast again, so what the hell, yes?
Apparently, it’s some CPE tradition to do this stall decorating thing?
Things like this make me sigh.  Why? Because I don’t like to play like that.  Makes me uncomfortable. No pins on my jackets, no bumper stickers on my car, I wear no jewelry. It irritates me to no end that you can’t get a 3-pack of underwear that are all solid colors.
I am very anti-flair.

So the thought of schlepping a bunch of extra crap from CA to WA to make my stall look California-y makes my shoulders go up to my ears.  And what is a California theme, anyway? This state is very big and very diverse. Hell, even locally…Palo Alto and East Palo Alto may as well be on different planets. This state cannot be represented by a beach ball.
So how should it be represented? How to you decorate a stall to convey near-bankruptcy and bloated housing prices? My ideas so far:

1. Go simple by just taping a foreclosure notice to the stall door.
2. “Borrow” a real estate sign for the weekend that has a “Bank Owned” topper on it.
3. Get an Extended Stay sign to tack on the door.  Extended Stay + horse stall = brilliant. Although, you will only find this funny if you trial frequently in Elk Grove.
4. Meth house. We would put mismatched drapes in the windows and ask everyone that walks past for money. Possibly even hold them up with water guns.
5. Grow house. We would totally cover all openings and have some suspicious looking insulated duct work venting out the front.  Plus florescent lights and a humidifier.
6. And my absolute fav (which was not my idea and I am not outing the person who came up with it :)), a Medical Marijuana Dispensary.  We could make a sign…
“What’s your ailment?”
Wink wink nudge nudge

I got a touch of the 'itis


  1. omg the foreclosure sign would be awesome. lol

  2. I just love this and can't stop laughing! Thank you so much for sharing, it made my month.

  3. Same here @Pure Vagaries... I cant stop my self from laughing as well.... It surely is a outstanding post to cheer up your moods.