Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Nationals" Recap? Not yet.

Because I am trying to decide if I should tow the CPE line, fill my cup with some Kool-Aid and talk about how great it honest about it. 

I'll get back to you.

I will say, as a trial it was very well run, very well organized. I had fun, but I had the same fun with the same people that I have fun with 2 hours from my house. I don't think the 12 pounds of Charlie Bears handed out at check-in made up for the cost of gas.

Speaking of gas... I don't like other people pumping my gas.  It's weird. Awkward. Kind of like being in your hotel room while the housekeeper is cleaning it. I feel like I should help.

Trip related, but not trial related, we had some regressions. 

First, Kate got the zoomies in the hotel room Sat. night. She hasn't done that in, like, 6 years.  Sorry People Below Me, it was funny as hell. I had to let her do it.

Second, Bella freaked the fuck out in the car on the way up. We lived in AZ when she was a puppy. Lots of the back roads have cattle guards. It would scare the shit out of her driving over those things. nothing like this has bothered her in years. Somewhere around Redding there was some lane shifting due to construction. This required us to move to the shoulder thus driving over the rumble strip. She jumped up so fast that she hit the top of her crate. Continued panic panting and shaking for the NEXT THREE AND A HALF HOURS. I stopped every hour to give her a break and finally ended up putting her in the back seat. She was not quite as bad on the way home, but still no where near her good travelling self. Lots of looking down when there was a change in the road surface. Much better when we got closer to home with our nice noise-reducing blacktop and totally fine on surface streets. I hope this isn't going to be a thing now - fear of the highway - 'cause that would totally suck.

There was this whole discussion on the yahoo group about whether or not courses could be posted. Just out of curiosity, west and east folks would like to see what the other folks ran. Apparently, lawyers need to be involved to get that done or some such shit. So, I won't post the actual course map, lest I be sued, I will post my rendition of a CPE Nationals Standard course.

Should you like to steal this masterpiece, don't tell anyone where you found it.

All photos by Dave Mills - - at some trial or something on our lovely GRASS. :)


  1. I think its so cool how dogs can do stuff like that! I wish my dog would!

  2. Great photos! Looks like your pooch is VERY talented!!