Monday, October 24, 2011


Yeah, I know. We’ve been MIA. Just been preoccupied. Not feeling the blogging thing of late. Have not been using the camera much, either. I think I need to buy a new lens to re-inspire myself.  :)

Kate has been doing great. She still has not been showing any outward signs of anything relating to her muscle loss. Her shoulders still feel thin to me but it seems like she has gained some bicep back. She had her first trial in 7 months a few weekends ago and did great! I moved her to Veterans so she now jumps 12” – actually – she sort of steps over 12”. Haha.

She was enjoying herself quite a bit. I have figured out that Kate thinks of agility as … I have to do some shit and then I GET TO GO IN A TUNNEL…then I do some more shit….and ANOTHER TUNNEL….etc. Too bad we don’t do NADAC, she would think Tunnelers is The Shit.

Serious agility dog?

Not so much

Bella was her normal self. Good with everything…except the weaves. We decided to experiment and have a friend run her in Standard on Sunday. Soooo funny. I love watching other people run Bella. It’s hard, of course, running a dog you are not familiar with handling. Particularly if you are someone who has been running one-eyed dogs for years! There were some off-course issues, so no Q, but her weaves were beautiful. I believe I can be heard calling her a shit head on the video. If I ever figure out how to edit the video I will post it.

Will weave for others – for you, I eat grass

So, back to Kate. Last week, more gimpy weirdness. Tis dark in the mornings now, so hard to see. I thought she looked like she was trotting weird. Did a few short throws so I could look at her move. No issues. Fine. Finished playing. Did our cool-down lap. Still fine. I leashed them up and ended up talking to someone for about 10 minutes. She then limps walking to the car. Nothing again getting out of the car (like 6 minutes later!!..???) Same on again, off again on Friday morning. I go over her good and find a hard lump/growth/something on one of her toes. Sort of between the nail bed and the pad. Not visibly noticeable, but real obvious when you go poking around.

Dear Gosh, why do I google things?

I went from maybe just a bug bite to removing Kate’s entire leg in the span of about 20 minutes.

I should really end it with Dr. Google.  Totally un-cool.

  I don’t really want to deal with anything ending in “oma.”

“itis” I can handle, no “oma’s” please!

Vet Wednesday morning.

This dog is trying to drive me to drink!

Who me?

Yes, you


  1. Hi there! Glad you're back. I will keep Kate in my thoughts and hope that whatever is going on, it definitely only ends in an 'itis'.

    Your dogs are beautiful.

  2. Welcome back to blogland :-)

    Google always scares the boss!

  3. Love your dogs! Glad you're back! Yes, Dr. Google does not always have a good bedside manner!
    I already saw the title of your most recent post, so "Yea, itis!"