Monday, September 12, 2011

They Could Get A Ticket In A School Zone

They had a cool little hand-held speed checky thingy mabob at lure coursing yesterday.

The old hags topped out at 27 MPH!
Kate and Bella (Bella and Kate?)

The 26, then 25... No doubt slowed by Kate's ridiculous barking
Kate and Bella (Bella and Kate?)

She really just loves running with Bella

She is much faster than Bella and becomes torn between chasing the lure and staying with her sis. This results in lots of looking back to see where slow-poke is and giving her what-for for being behind
Kate and Bella (Bella and Kate?)

Next to Bella...quiet and happy
Kate and Bella (Bella and Kate?)

Ahead? Frustrated and screamy
Bella or Kate?

Dueling floaties!
Kate and Bella (Bella and Kate?)

We also had a couple of professionals there. You know, dogs of the sight hound variety. Lurve to watch the greyhounds run. I think their top speed was 42 MPH. Just amazing, particularly on such a short course for a dog of that size.

Don't you love sight hounds? They have the best faces. I totally want one.

Or three.

All photos by Pierre Tardif


  1. WoW! That looks like so much fun!! Wish we could find some where to lure course around here!

  2. Thats so cool, I hope they have one of those at our lure coursing sometime!

    Do you always run the dogs together? The lc practice I go to we always run the dogs alone first, then will run them in doubles after every has had a good run. My two ran together for the first time last time we practiced.

  3. Adopting a retired racing greyhound is on my "must-do" list!

  4. Hello from Sweden!
    To see the greyhounds run is so nice! Sighthounds are also wonderful pets.
    I have two!

  5. Its truly a lot of fun, lure coursing is fun and at the same time maintain the dogs natural agility and speed. It also improves its mental health.