Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Change Of Plans

I have often joked that if Bella goes before I do I am going to have her stuffed.

And not just the standard (!?) dog curled up on the floor pose. No, no.

Mounted like a bear.

A pissed off bear.

All a la…

But now? I’m thinking maybe a stole. She has the coat for it now.

Her old lady coat.

She used to look like this at almost 3 years…in her yoot

Now? Geez. She looks like an old mink. One that was stuffed into a Hefty bag with some moth balls like 30 years ago and lovingly placed in grandma’s attic.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to furminate her because so few hairs grown in the same direction.

And so THICK!

  Should they ever visit an actual groomer again, I have created a brushing guide.

I think it will come in handy.

And don’t you love the look on her face? Stacking not exactly a part of their repertoire.

Show dogs, they are not.

The only way I could get her to sort of stand there like that was to put a big old hunk of chicken on the ground.
  It was payment enough.

And, while digging for a lesser-coated Bella pic I found....


Seriously, how damn cute was she?!

Could you not just bite her little face off?


  1. "Could you not just bite her little face off?"

    This cracked me up, cuz it's something I would say! LOL

    Oh, and "Yes, I could."

    But Kate's my favorite. Sorry. ;)

  2. "But Kate's my favorite. Sorry."

    Sooo many people say this!

    I find it funny and odd because Bella is totally the cooler dog of the two. :-P

  3. OMG Bella was seriously adorable.

  4. It's obvious Bella is the cooler dog. ;-) People like Kate best 'cause they want to root for the underdog, of course. I of course, adore them both! hehehe

  5. So cute! Its crazy how much her fur grew!
    I love the brushing diagram!

  6. Kate is just more photogenic.

    But, really, puppy pics are great. Totally edible Bella.

  7. OMG Brushing Guide! How handy! They probably really would look at you like you were crazy ... then after you left they'd be checking it out "No no ... this part goes up and left. Up and LEFT I said!"

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