Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Are They So Interesting?

Lots of stalkers at the park this weekend.

Bella was a little concerned about her chubby little friend. Nice little dog. Her concern was the noises it was making. I mean, the squishy-faced dogs can make weird noises when they are of a healthy weight. Obese ones can make really weird noises.

What the…?


Is the Snausage still behind me?


(Isn’t it funny how the Pug looks damn-near the same whether in focus or not? Haha!)

Miss Kate was totally unperturbed by her noisy little friend DSC_0454

All small dogs that stand behind Kate are referred to as “speed bumps.”

Large ones, “brick walls.”

Which is why I have no photos of Kate with the Shepherd. The dog respected Bella’s polite request to leave her alone. I love these shots. Well, photographically not great, just telling. Note that Bella's head is turned toward the dog, acknowledging it. However, she is physically leaning away and her eyes are averted. This got the message across.

I ain't buying what you're selling.


Kate’s? No so much. There was much “come here, lie down, and leave that dog alone before it kicks your ass!” She has zero tolerance for dogs over 40 lbs pestering her. I understand her frustration, but her means of communicating that frustration can be interpreted as “hey, why don’t you kick my ass?!” Not good for anyone.

And there was this cute little schnauzer who was captivated by Bella. DSC_0478

He was following her like a little kid with a crush. Really wanting a moment of her time. I had a cute photo of it….sort of…..you can see his shadow and ears… DSC_0420

Damn it Kate!


  1. Aaaaaa, ummmmmmm, what was that about squishy faces?
    Benny & Lily

  2. They snork! You can't deny that!


  3. you know what's odd? our foster Gonzo Bunny Ears, who is a pittie / frenchie mix, makes the squooshed-face noises like a snausagy frenchie, even though his face/nose has more of a pittie shape-- not squooshed at all. do you think it could be something in the throat/nasal channels, rather than the nose itself?
    it is such a puzzle!

  4. I think it's a soft palette thing as opposed to a muzzle or nose thing.

  5. Hi! We came across your blog today and are you newest followers :)

    Great pictures! We look forward to reading more about yall!


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