Monday, March 28, 2011

Moments Of Boredom

There are those times when I stop to fuss with the camera. Lighting changed. Lens change. What have you.

I always take a few shots of one of the dogs to see where I’m at settings-wise. It’s usually Kate because Bella is too close.

Her face in these always cracks me up. So ho-hum. No posing, no waiting for the ball to be thrown. Just the nothingness in the lull in the action.

She looks like she’s behind the guy at the store with 15 items in the 12 or under line.

Of course, she would never speak up.

No, no.

Kate would go the passive-aggressing route.

Lots of stink eye

And loud deep sighs

Damn, he’s getting stamps, too?! Ugh.