Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Weekend In Cell Phone Pics

Decided against taking actual camera with me this weekend. Sometimes you just get tired of that one extra bag. Particularly when that bag weighs about 300 lbs. Particularly, particularly when you have to take the stairs to your 3rd floor room 'cause someone, who may or may not be named Kate, does not like the elevator.

Plus, the place we trialed this weekend has one indoor ring (crappy to shoot in) and one outdoor ring that usually has a photog in it already. Plus plus, Elk Grove in the summer is not conducive to sitting in the sun taking freebie pics of other people's dogs.

Do you know who Willis Haviland Carrier is?
Inventor of the A/C, that's who.

We thanked him repeated this weekend for his thoughtfulness. I'm sure he was thinking about ladies with dogs sitting in traffic when it's 99°.

We had a fantastic trial. We needed one of those after our last cluster eff of a trial. It was one of those weekends that reminds you why you do all this bullshit. It was hot, but not unbearably so. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves (Bella included...yay!) and we had some great CATCH's earned.

The heat did keep some of us close to the grass

A tad more smiley when back in the A/C

Bella was pretty smiley all around

She had a great time. Q'd in 13 of our 15 runs. The best thing about that is the 2 NQ's were so obviously my fault. None of the weirdness of our last trial where neither of us could figure out what the hell was going on. No blown contacts, no refusing to do the weaves, no telling me to go to hell, no acting like you're someone else's dog.

She normally poops out soon after eating dinner. She even had energy left each night to harass the pigeons on the roof next door.

So, all in all, fun, safe, happy weekend.

However, the ride home looked much like the right up.

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  1. sounds like it was a sucessful weekend. Good job and nice cell phone pictures
    Benny & Lily