Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still About The 4-Legged And Hairy

It's my brother's birthday today.

Say "Happy Birthday" interwebs!

Although, I suppose, since he lives in Denmark it will be tomorrow when he reads this, so "Happy Belated Birthday" perhaps?

What good are birthdays if not for a little embarrassing? A little stroll down memory lane?

All photos circa early 80s or thereabouts.

My brother and Red

Red was known for being a bit of a shit. We probably would have called him really bad names if we were old enough to do so without getting in trouble. I think I recall him breaking one of our parents noses...?

(old-assed cars in the background...teehee)

Then there was Flip.

If Flip were a dog he would have been a Borzoi

Can't leave myself out, right? Me and Mel. Note all the short names. I was destined to be a Border Collie person! :-)

You can always pick me out in pictures. I'm the one with the worst posture!

I totally still sit like that. Only now, it hurts.

Happy Birthday, Svend! Hope it was a good one!


  1. Happy Birthday Svend, from some random old biddy in B.C.!
    I got a kick out of this post:) I had a Red too, same colour, dah! He too was a bit of a shit disturber. He cracked the roof of my boyfriend's new horse trailer, but the BF married me anyway:)
    And your posture is my posture, I hate seeing pictures of myself sat/stood all rounded shoulders. Suck it in, and shoulders back is my mantra, if only I could remember it:(

  2. Happy Birthday, Nice photos and i like the Vintage cars which are in the background, I am remembering my childhood days by looking at those cars.

  3. Thanx Sis. And it wasn't a nose. It was Dads ribs that got a once over.

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