Friday, February 5, 2010

Thanks And A Payment

Thanks for all your input. I am fascinated with the color genetics stuff, but I have to admit that reading about it gives me a headache. All the ayaydd and atatEmEm and KdKbr stuff makes my head spin. I think we need a Canine Color Genetics For Dummies site. Perhaps using muppets, lots of pretty pictures and colorful graphs.
Less words, more vis.

I still haven’t decided what I’m going with name-wise. I like the sound of seal, but plain ol’ sable is more recognizable by more people.

I would love to know what Kate actually is. I did the first DNA test that came out for shits and giggles. I certainly don’t put any stock in those things. Just curious as to what it would say. That was the cheek swab one when they only had like 43 breeds or something. She came back with no primary breeds and two secondary breeds. Border Collie and Poodle. HAHA. That is why Poodle is one of her nicknames. Although you can’t just say poodle. It must be said….poooooodalllllllll.

She’ll come if you yell it.

I have my doubts that she has any Border Collie in her at all. If someone told me that they knew for sure that she was a Malinois/JRT mix I would totally believe them. That’s what she acts like. Or, perhaps, Border Collie and coyote. That would work, too.

And your payment: 29 seconds of listening to my BCMalJRTyote.

Kate's favorite things: Grandma, ball, park, cows

ETA: Dang it! The embedded vid is not working. Sorry, you'll have to settle for a linky link

ETA Again! I guess this is how my day is going to go. :-)

Kate does have banded hair. Her short hair is a mix of color. Guard hair has two bands (light - sort of cream colored - on bottom third, rest black). Her tail hair has 4 bands (light, dark, light, dark)

That's all I'm saying today, swear!


  1. That video was great! I was chuckling throughout it. Then I just burst out laughing at the end. Poor Kate! She couldn't take it any longer. (Bella's head tilts and expressions were cute, too!)

  2. I laughed myself silly at Kate, but Bella's reaction was equally awesome!

  3. awww, the "granny effect" :)

    Last time I said "seal", though I don't think it's a technical term, because of associations like "seal-point Siamese". But with the gradually banded hairs, I'll have to change my 'vote' to Agouti.

  4. Abnormality

    It's not scientific or anything, but it explains coat colors and genetics, with pictures. I love it - it's a great resource and I knew the girl that runs it. I think it's a brilliant introduction resource.

  5. You can't believe anything Nickelsmum says because she also claims Mr Woo is a golden retriever ;-) However, she is correct - Kate is a sable, and probably a dilute, which is why she appears blue-grey or greyish in some lights, but she is actually tan and black/brown. I have gotten in a couple of dogs with her same colouring, but rough coats. One came out of a litter of tris and black and whites. I think it's just one of those crazy things!

  6. Love Kate's "talking" and Bella's head tilt! Very cute!

  7. My pet name for Alex is Pooooodle, too! :) And since I'm behind in the comments, I'll add my color guess here, too. I'd call Kate sable. Same as Will, our new guy.