Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Personal Hygiene Makes You Look Like An Old Man. Or, Perhaps Just Drunk

Did you know it’s Pet Dental Month? I did not. Is this really necessary? A whole month? For dog teeth? Are we supposed to celebrate some how? Can I use this as an excuse to eat cake?

Every time we go to the vet I get asked if I brush my dogs teeth. Sometimes they go so far as to assume….”I see you’re a regular brusher...” Which always leads to me to ask if people really brush their dogs’ teeth.

They do, and, like, on the regular.

Bones, people, bones! Dogs like chewing. Give them something to chew on. No brushing.

Think of bully sticks as natures toothbrush.

So satisfying


Although not particularly lady-like

Maybe not something to do in public

And you know how sometimes you brush a little too far back?

Yeah, dogs do that, too.

I’m going to have to watch myself floss tonight and see if it makes me look like an old man

And, thanks for all your replies about the buying a dog thing. Very interesting to read.

Just for the record, I am not anti-breeder at all. I do wish that more people would choose responsible breeders, though. You only need to spend 5 minutes on craiglist, dogster, or talking to your neighbors to realize the majority of folks out there buying are not doing so in a responsible manner.

I am curious about the jump from successful rescues to bought dogs. I do think that this all comes down to personal experience and opinions. I totally agree with The Border Collies/RDM/The Food Lady’s red herring comment. We could all go back a forth all day about bad rescue/breeder dogs or great rescue/breeder dogs.

You can take examples from worst case scenario puppy breeding and raising (puppy mill/hoarder) to best case (good breeder, health checks, socializing, etc) and still have a range of results.

It’s that vast array of experiences that leads me to believe that the only way you know for sure what you are getting is to get an adult. Puppies, regardless of where they came from, are such a crap shoot.

I do prefer a certain type of dog, as evidenced by the two I own, and it just so happens that the type is athletic and biddable. No couch potatoes here. Both came before agility and don’t ever see myself getting a puppy specifically to do a sport with. I don't actually ever see myself getting another puppy. I think I am cursed. Bella was too easy. Like scary easy. I can imagine the payback. No thanks. There's a lot to be said for a functioning bladder!


  1. I do actually brush my dogs teeth, although not that regularly, but here's why.
    My terrier only chews when the spirit moves her, and she chomps and eats everything so fast that it doesn't make one bit of difference on that tarter build-up. Then, whatever it was that she ate too fast (bully stick, rawhide, something unknown from the yard) makes her get the worst gas possible.
    And if you brush one dog's teeth, the other wants it so so the aussie gets a brush as well.

  2. this was interesting! i don't brush my dogs teeth, but this gave me something to think about! and i love the pictures. :D

  3. Great photos! We don't brush either :)

  4. I brush my cats teeth so when I got a dog I thought great it will be much easier to brush a dogs teeth as her mouth is bigger. Whoa not so...you can't get near her with a toothbrush with a 10 foot pole. Yes, I've tried desensitizing getting her used to it slowly etc. Also tried every flavor of toothpaste that is made for pets. So I agree chewing really does the trick much better for us. Her favorite are nyla bones but goes through them quickly. She also loves the achilles tendons.

  5. where can u get bully sticks i have 2 border collies and a sheltie they would love these been reading your blog for a month now great pics and stories bella looks like my sissy

  6. @Sare -- wow, you brush your cats' teeth? That's amazing, and you're amazing that they let you.
    Old Pup used to get bones, but now that she's, well, old, I'm afraid her molars might crack, so I'm relying more on bully sticks. She still gets raw chicken necks and wings (although too many of them upset her tummy). Mr. Kitty gets occasional chicken backs and wings. He doesn't eat the bones, but does an amazing job of peeling off the meat, and that helps his teeth, too.
    Love the pix of Bella as a flossy old man!

  7. I love the pics.
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  8. Do you purchase the bully stick's in bulk? and if so, where? I love to buy them for my pooch but they cost so much that I would rather just buy them in bulk.

    I adore your blog and the pictures are mahvalous!