Thursday, January 21, 2010

Border Collies Are So Hard To Live With

So, I'm sure you've heard the stories...
Crazy dogs, too much energy, will tear your house apart, etc.

All lies.

You know what the real problem with Border Collies is?

They are f*cking selfish.

This is what my bed looks like at 6AM.

That space in between them? Yeah, that's what I get. And when I have to get up - remember me? - the one with the job and the food and the ball throwing and the vet trips and the carting around and the 80 YEAR OLD BACK? - does Kate move?

Not a damn smidge.

And they don't even have the common courtesy to make the damn bed while I'm in the shower.

They are sure up and ready to go when the showers done, though.

All about them.

This is what an average morning looks like...

There are actually 4 other dogs there as well. Look, Bella has a friend..

You know how it goes that everytime something goes right the dog gets the props and everytime something goes wrong the owner gets the blame? I think we need to have a Good Dog Owner Day. The occasional pat on the back for our efforts. I mean, the fact that my dogs have better lives than some peoples children is kinda sad on one hand, but at the same time, Yay! for me, right?

There is a couple that has Vizslas that are there every morning. They are Crazy Dog People, too. I said the other morning as we are standing there getting drenched at oh-dark-thirty throwing balls...

We often talk about how lucky we are to have these guys. Days like today? They are pretty damn lucky to have us too!


Happy Crazy Dog Owner Day!

Have a drink on yourself.



  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! oh my, that's hilarious.

    *pat pat*

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  3. Who made up all those lies? We love your night vision. Snuggles,
    Benny & Lily

  4. Good Dog Owner, good! We have Borders too and have no problem with energy. They rule the roost but other than that...

  5. Pat, pat. Good Job! Now tell me what kind of ball they can find in the dark. Higgins, our 6 mo. old Border Collie has trouble finding his in the daylight! At night he would be lost. Do they just follow their nose? (I don't think Higgins nose works right!)

  6. I'm totes marking this day on my calendar!

  7. "the fact that my dogs have better lives than some peoples children is kinda sad on one hand, but at the same time, Yay! for me, right?" Right! Hip hip hooray for you indeed! Shows 'em what mad parenting skills really are!

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  9. What a great entry and a great blog! You have a new regular reader. Love it. :)

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  11. Spill a drink on myself? Is that what you said at the end??

    I often find myself waking up in the middle of the night...hanging onto the edge of the mattress....with barely enough covers to cover me....

    With the husband on the opposite side, fully covered, happy, smiling...and between us...on her back...legs in the air...happy as can be.

  12. I loved your article! Who ever said that Border Collies were hard to handle? You are correct in saying that they are selfish and your pictures of your bed in the morning are proof. They are wonderful dogs who respond well to training though. Keep up the good work!