Friday, January 1, 2010

No Where To Hide

My company gives us gift cards every Christmas. It’s always Costco. I hate Costco. I view Costco as the second wing of hell. First wing being, of course, Wal-Mart. I guess it’s nice for folks on a super tight budget. Nice if you have a big family.

I have neither a super tight budget nor a big family. I don’t want my lotion to come in gallon jugs and I have no where to put 87 rolls of toilet paper. I just don’t live in bulk.

It’s really ridiculous how hard it is for me to find something I want or need there. Every year I struggle to spend free money. Stupid, right?

So this year, the only thing I could find was a flash. Seriously, the entire store. Nothing I wanted. I never really wanted a flash. Certainly on the low end of my cam equip list. Don’t shoot much indoors. Don’t do much portrait-y stuff. Saving for a lens. It’s all about bigger glass with me. I guess I’m a size queen at heart.


Holy Crap.

This has opened up a whole new world. Will probably take me months to completely figure it out. Still.

So. Much. Fun.

The poor dogs, though. Used to be they were only camera-accosted whilst outside. Payoff. Even-steven. You throw. We look cute and/or do funny shit. Now, all the time. Can’t get away from crazy lady.

Bella was not quite understanding why camera went to bed with us.

No sun in here, Lady.

Both a bit pensive with new flashy thing

Until I bust out the almonds

Pub it wite here
Will whistle for almonds

And do other things

Some go the cute route

Others…a bit more pushy

I love that I can get decent pics of Kate at rest. The only place she completely relaxes is in bed. She’s so damn cute when her little eyes are all relaxed and she not in the Waiting For Something To Happen mode.

Although, I’ll probably end up ruining that now that bed photography is an option.



  1. Great pics, how do you stop the red eye?

    Wizz :-)

  2. Awesome shots! I love it, it doesn't even look like you used a flash. Gotta love cute dog pics.

  3. The perfect gift after all!!!

    Super phots.

  4. I laughed out loud when Bella's toothy shot scrolled up. I agree; great shots and they don't look "flashed." Congrats on figuring out the perfect way to use your free money!

  5. LUV this post -- and HATED flash until reading this!

    With you on the first wing/second wing thing :>P

  6. What cool pictures...Happy New Year
    Benny & Lily

  7. oh gosh, I would love a real flash to bounce of the walls and ceiling and stuff.

    Awesome photos!

    I can't believe you have a hard time spending money at costco, dog treats! Coffee! And they actually have decent benefits and stuff for employees, so not much like the evil Walmart/Sam's Club.

  8. I would LOVE a decent flash, rather that the sh*tty built-in one I have on my camera. Lucky you!

    Bella and Kate look great, as always. Second on my wish list is your skill at taking photos...

  9. You will love the flash! I miss my speedlight something fierce :( I wish it still worked.

  10. Looks like you are catching onto the flash quit quickly!

  11. great pics!!! just started our blog, and was wondering if we could link you up?

    maui and hilo

  12. ok lets put the fish on the dish... theses are awesome pictures