Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Is A Happy Face, I Swear

There have been a few threads going on various BC boards about how evil (or not) and mindless (or not) playing fetch with your dog is. Funny (or not) thing is that Kate hurt herself at the DP the day these threads started. She was not going after a ball at the time. Was returning one. She hurt her right front leg because she fell off the grass.

Yes, fell off grass.

The DP that we frequent in the mornings has artificial turf bordered by gravel. There is about a 2-inch drop from the grass surface to the gravel one. In perfect Kate style, she was looking in one direction and moving in another and basically twisted her wrist.

I am, however, currently referring to it as her cankle.

Who doesn’t love saying “cankle?”

We have not gone to the vet because I know how that would be. Walking fine, OK to manipulate joints, no swelling, no heat. “Soft tissue injury – rest for a few weeks”

I can say that to myself and save the hundred bucks.

Let me just say that “Kate” and “rest” do not go well together. I am not one of those people that thinks Border Collies need 12 hours of running a day to be whole. Bella certainly doesn’t. Kate, however, does. Not 12 hours maybe, but some. A good run does a lot for her mental health.

So to save our collective sanity, I let her do some recall games.

Bella *hearts* recall games.


Really. That is actually a happy face.


Kate is just sort of along for the ride


Often decides she has other places to be


Spends most of her time staring at Bella. Doesn’t get running with anything to chase


She really doesn’t get games that don’t involve balls. Like crate games in the car. The Stay In The Car games often involves me jumping up and down and possibly playing with a ball and dogs that staying the car and get food thrown at them.

Again, Bella with the *hearting* ‘cause there’s food involved. Kate, not so much


I think she is worried someone might see us

Oh, like she hasn't embarassed me a kajillion time.


  1. Those are awesome pictures!
    Hope the cankle heals up quickly :)

  2. Now those are some cool action shots. Happy face? BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. Beautiful photos and beautiful dogs

  4. Such beautiful animals, and great photos from their human.

  5. Great pictures and lovely dogs!:)

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  7. What others see as aggressive we know means "I am having fun!"

  8. OMG, Bella's happy face looks just like my Mom's BC/lab mix's happy face (only his is all black)!

    Also, I love the 2nd-to-last shot -- the look on Kate's face is so, "R U SRS?"

    Between you and Food Lady, I am never going to get any work done again, ever (and I'm okay with that :D).