Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dog Math

Kate + Ball Chasing = Heat

(Heat + Frosty Fake Grass) - Kate =

It's funny that you can see that even when she is laying down those back legs are always propped and ready to launch. Ha!

This is what my car said at Oh-dark-thirty this morning when we left to run dogs

Now sure, those of you that live in places where your high this time of year regularly doesn't even reach this are probably rolling your eyes at me.

But hey, this is California.

And one of the parts that supposed to be warm. I don't live in Tahoe for a reason. When you live somewhere that one bedroom condos go for a half mil you expect to be compensated in some way. One of those ways is great weather. 27° not great weather. I think every day below 50° should be a tax-free day.

You think The Governator would go for that?


  1. yeahhh, hard to feel sorry for you over here in Michigan. ha! but i will say, it didn't even get that cold here last night, so that's some crazy weather.

  2. It hasn't gotten above zero here for days. I'd LOVE to have 27 degrees so I didn't have to call the dogs in every few minutes. ;)

  3. Yep..a bit nippy for California. Stay warm
    Benny & Lily

  4. I cannot feel sorry for you. It's dropping to -10 here at night and it's supposed to start snowing on Friday! Brrr. OTOH, I look forward to introducing Dexter to snow :)

  5. Are you kidding me?!?!? 27*F = cold??! Please sis - you grew up in Chicago!!

  6. "Please sis - you grew up in Chicago!!"

    That I did. And there are a few problems here.
    First, 2 years in AZ ruined me for cold.

    Second, if I wanted to deal with being cold I could live somewhere else for much cheaper.

    Third, everything is relative. We are *supposed* to be cold here when it's below 40°. I think it's actually a law. One must complain when more than two layers of clothing are required.

    At least I'm not as bad as some lifers that don't want to leave the house when it's raining! :-)

  7. I lived in Antioch for 9 years. Ruined me for cold weather. I now don't like when it gets below 50 degrees. I'm in the Houston area now. Two days ago it was in the 70's, yesterday it was in the 40s. What's up with that?! lol

  8. That's too bad about being cold, it sucks, but I too can't feel too bad.. Haha. There is a good 5+" of snow all over in my neighborhood and it's been pretty cold!