Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trial Pics Just Like Home Pics

Lots of TV watching. Belly a CSI fan, too.

Kate probably more Rock of Love girl, but we don’t go there

Poor Kate who must travel with pee pad. Pee pad that I feel the need to hide from Housekeeping because I don’t want them to think that: a) I let my dogs pee indoors or b) it’s for me

Other than ridiculously red bedspread and secret trial toys, just like being at home

Kate is still Kate



Bell is still Bell

Although, we did have a merging of Home Bella and Trial Bella this weekend. She did fantastic. Only had one weave bobble and it was an understandable one. Kind of an odd entry that also happened to be up close to the fencing. Lots of dogs saying “where the hell do the actual poles start.” I’ll take that. It’s amazing how much better you do when not spending time jerking around with weave poles. She Q’d in 6 of her 8 runs and 4 of those were firsts. We have not been placing well of late, so it was a bit of a surprise. Icing on the cake kind of thing. Really fun weekend.

I also noticed that I am much more relaxed now we are done with the lower levels. No more conflicts for me. No more worrying about where I’m supposed to be and when I’m supposed to be there. No more 4 hours with nothing then running in 2 rings. No more Which Fricking Level Are We In That Class. So much nicer!



  1. congrats..who likes the poles anyhow
    benny & Lily

  2. What a great trial! Congrats. And I totally understand Which Fricking Level Are We In That Class. I just signed up for our first agility trial since last spring and I had to go online and see which classes we've titled in. :)

  3. Heh, no matter how many laughs I get from Kate, I still think she is totally GORGEOUS.

  4. Simply put: I agree with Kathleen.