Sunday, November 15, 2009

No One Is Getting Any Younger

There are supposed to be a couple of benefits to having a heavily ticked dog. First, they hide dirt well. Doesn’t matter what we’ve been up to or where we have been, Bella always looks exactly the same. Just like hotel carpet.

Second, it should hide aging. No graying muzzles here. Except, she’s just graying in other spots. She’s got the old man tufts coming out of her ears and eye bumps that are starting to snow over.

This depresses the shit right outta me.

She’ll be 7 in Feb. I know that’s far from over-the-hill, but I still feel like we are cresting that hill. Meeting some sort of halfway mark in our time together.

Then today she’s just looking so young. Weird. Nice, but weird.

She gives me this shot. Made me smile when taking pics off the cam.

I know, I can hear you….”Big deal, pic of Bella’s head.” It’s that it reminds me so much of her Super Blocky Head Damn I Hope She’s Not Going To Be Ugly stage. About 4 and a half months.

Youthful head

Old Lady head

There are no signs of slowing
Well, except when required by the situation :-)

Just me being human, I suppose, and worrying about shit I have no control over.

Bella wishes I would just shut the hell up and throw the ball already


  1. Beautiful with many years ahead.

  2. Yep, that's just you being human.
    Bella's looking great.

  3. You take beautiful pictures of beautiful dogs!

    I know what you mean about the aging...Abby turned 5 this summer and that seems incredible to me. She is getting grayer and grayer already. I don't want them to get old!

  4. I wish worrying could be controlled, but that's pretty hard to do. Have a glass of wine and enjoy your dogs :)
    BTW, beautiful pics as always.

  5. Those are great pictures...
    Benny & Lily

  6. As mama to four senior dogs (ages 10 - 15.5), and knowing over the next five or so years I will likely lose all of them, I understand only too well that knot in the stomach that occurs each time I see another sign of aging.

    But that is the rythem of life - we are born, we live, we die. Our spirits, however, live on and I still sense at times my dogs who have already passed away - not all of old age. Enjoy them for the time they are with you - cherish them every moment. They are with us but a short while, yet OH they bring so much joy!

  7. Bella looks just fine, how about you, kid?


  8. i did the same when riley turned 7, official a senior. and every birthday tears at my heart. but i'm loving the shit out of him and my new senior dog and hoping for many many more years.

  9. She has a lot of life to live but good for you for appreciating and loving her today. She is obviously a much loved dog :)