Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How's The Pee At Your House?

Ours is being held in! Finally got the pee sample out of Kate on try #4. Her urine looks, and I quote, wonderful. Wonderful? Weird word to describe pee, no? Anywho, no infection, so we are chalking it up officially to spay incontinence.

They started her on PPA. I quickly stopped it. She was acting very weird on it. She had a lot of treats Sat night. Actually, using a grain-free kibble for treats. She hasn’t had a prob with these in the past. On Sunday morning she was acting very weird. Like a big step back for her. Wanting to hide. Laying in places she doesn’t normally lay. And, had the killer runs. I don’t know if she was acting weird because of the runs or the meds. She is not good at asking to go out, so if she’s feeling the pressure, as it were, she gets uncomfortable and a little scared. I don’t know if she had the runs from the meds or the treats. I pulled both.

Have a call into the vet. Don’t know what we are doing from here.

I am, however, thrilled to have found pee pads for people. Lucky for me Kate does not move at night. She really needs to know her boundaries and she sticks to them. This means that when she plops down on her spot on the bed (defined by her towel) she doesn’t leave that spot until we get up. I have been putting a pee pad under her towel. No more accidents yet, though.

She is a little embarrassed that I told the world she wets the bed.

A little not-so-sure she wants to be on camera anymore

A smidge of the Stink Eye

Belly is a little embarrassed for her, too.

Although, it may be a little more like trying to control a smirk


  1. Hope you find the problem soon. She is so adorable.

  2. Poor thing. Our Jess had this same problem (spay incontinence). The good news it that you don't have to give the medicine forever. Couple weeks if I remember correctly and problem is fixed for years (going on 6 years - no accidents). We’ll keep our fingers & paws crossed for her.

  3. Poor baby... hope you are okay. No more pee pee in the bed
    Benny & LIly

  4. Our dog Kallie had the same problem. The vet thought it was spay incontinence, but before starting her on meds, I decided to switch her food (because I remembered I'd changed her food right before the problem began). Now that I've switched her food back, it seems to have solved the problem.

  5. Bailey was on Proin for a month or so and it didn't seem to be working (but we didn't have the side effects you described... it just didn't work. She's now on DES and it works wonderfully. We gave it three days in a row to start and then once a week. We're now trying to see how far apart we can give it. This is our second week doing 8 days.

    I hope you find something!

  6. I wonder if she is just peeing in her sleep... and well, in reality too.

  7. A friend of mine just had a VERY bad experience with PPA - the runs so bad and straining so much her poor little dog ended up with rectal prolapse. And, from the research, it appears severe runs is not an unusual reaction.

    My Emma had spay incontinence about four years ago. A couple of weeks on Stilboestrol and she was good as new - we weaned her off it and she never needed it again.

  8. Hope things get better soon. You take amazing pictures :)