Friday, June 5, 2009

No Interwebs Sucks!

Sorry, folks. We have been out and about, but I have been lazy about pic taking. Not lazy so much, but not feeling the worth considering I have no internet at home yet. No webs, no posties. But today, I am at former house baby sitting repair guy here to fix the dry wall the movers jacked up. So, Yay! For webs and cable TV!

We have a new-new DP now as the old new one is being worked on. (Of course, 4 days after we move, they split it in half…*sigh*)


Bella is obviously out of practice with the posing

Not helping at all

And when I get a cute shot, we have random eye boogers…!

Kate is enjoying the footing. Although, still healing after an old DP trip

She is also not quite used to polite dogs. Not trusting that the Lab chasing her own ball is not out to get her. Haha

Funny how when you want to be ignored and you are it is just as uncomfortable as not being ignored.

Kate logic.


  1. Way to be vigilant, Kate! Maybe you could hire Bella to watch your back. Thieving labs. Always wanting the tennis ball!