Monday, June 22, 2009

Mr. Perfect

Yes, I said “Mr.”

‘Cause the Miss was not perfect this weekend. No special ribbon for her. Only 7 out of 8 Q’s. My 88th percentile dog. Thinking perhaps time to rehome.

I kid, of course. Kinda. Little bit.

Mr. Rumili had an A+ weekend. All Q’s. A smattering of good placements, too, if I recall correctly.

Oh sure, he’s an Aussie, but he’s A Good Boy Aussie. Not Crazy Barking Aussie. Not Scruff Grabbing Aussie that pisses off Belly. Really great weaves, too. Better than Belly. Thinking Rumili may be BC with unfortunate tail accident.

Such Mad Skillz that he uses judge as obstacle

No girl pictures this weeknd. I think there are some to buy, so maybe Belly In Action in a few days.

Kate is really super tired of agility talk.

Really over it

I had a talk with Bellicious about her sucky weaves and A-frame rest stop. She very intently watched the fan behind me. Don’t think she was listening.


  1. An Aussie beats a Border collie at Agility? Now I know this blog is a hoax!
    Seriously, nice sportsmanship giving credit where it is due. Good luck next run, Bell.

  2. 7 out of 8??? I'll take her!! In trade for Frankie, of course...good luck with that!

  3. Hey now!! As someone with some pretty darn good aussies (and the breeder of the winner of the PNS 22" USDAA National Championship of 2008) - I think the Aussie was MAGNIFICENT.

    So there.



    And I do have two BC's as well.

  4. cool site. I just love looking at dog shows and competitions at the park by my house.

    Dog enthusiasts might should check out this site.

  5. Thanks Pia.
    one each 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    two 4ths
    The tunnel picture is my new desktop, and I have gotten a few compliments on it.

  6. Well duh. Of course he was spectacular--he's an AUSSIE!!
    But even at 7 out of 8, I guess I might keep her.

  7. I wish I could jump like that... -Stone

  8. What a cool Web site! I enjoy reading about your dogs. Here's a story about the 2009 AKC World Agility Team.

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