Monday, February 4, 2008

Thanks Parks and Rec!

So, our dog park has been closed for repairs for 2 months. Twice as long as originally planned, but who's counting? It used to look like this...
But now, after all that hard work, it looks like this!
That's right folks, we got...[drum roll]... new dirt. WTF? Maybe it's new-fangled dirt? Space-age polymer dirt? iDirt?

Kate is not buying it. I think she feels ripped off, as I'm sure her pads will feel after a few days on the iDirt.

Bella was equally miffed.

After we got our complaining out of the way, we managed to back into the dog park swing.

Kate, you got a little something on your...nevermind...

She was so happy to get out of the house and see the sun she busted out a little Soulja Boy


5 o'clock - time for dinner!


  1. NICE! That last photo is really nice!

    How did I not know about your blog? It's going ON MY LIST!!

  2. I just discovered your blog (via three woof and a woo). Your pictures of Bella and Kate are fantastic! I love Kate's determination to someday catch a ball :) And her moves are awesome - she reminds me a lot of Ouzo, my own dog, who's known for embarassing himself (and me) shamelessly in his desperate attempts to catch balls or frisbees and often resorts to unorthodox methods of interception.

    Anyway, love your blog, I am so adding this to my faves!