Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Ball-free Dog Park Day

Occasionally, I try to attempt to get my dogs to act like dogs. It usually backfires, but I keep trying. In the absence of airborne spheres, Bella attempts to chat with the locals.
You're so would totally fit in a Chuck-it!
Excuse me, we're havin' a conversation over here
When several attempts to talk someone into throwing something fail, they resort to playing, which, in their case means Bella gets the zoomies for about 3.5 seconds while Kate barks at her.
Oooohhhh, lookie what I found?
Oh, come on, just one toss? We were social. We acted like dogs. What more do you want?

Never get into a staring contest with a Border Collie. Always a loss.


  1. "You're so would totally fit in a Chuck-it!"


    Your. photos. ROCK.