Sunday, February 8, 2015

Out of practice

We have been having some rain, glorious rain! At least February won’t go down in the record books as a totally dry month like our dear friend, January, did. 

I thought I had a nice window for a run this morning, only it started pouring like mad the last half mile. Now, I actually like being out I the rain, what I hate is getting back in the car when you’re soaked. I don’t know why it feels so gross to sit in a car in wet clothes, but it does. 

I didn't feel like dealing with wet and possibly muddy dogs in the car today, so I had the brill idea to get a cup of coffee, open the back door, and throw the ball from there.

 Some were a tad judgmental about my idea. 


And then there’s the Good Dog who has no opinions about anything. 


What I didn't take into consideration was the fact that the back yard, while looking all lovely and green, is really just a big ol' mud puddle at this point. 


Their lower bits were way beyond wiping off with towel, so I ended up out in the wet again to hose them off before coming in. Best laid plans, and all. 


At least they’re back to being all fluffy and soft. That rain water is the bestest.

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  1. At least my husband I can get to dry off his feet before he walks into the house after the rain or snow! Joey? He's look at me with his big eyes when I screamed out JOEY!!! The look was more like, "Whaaaaaat?"

    Sometimes I was lucky to be in time with the cloth but more often than not... (Occasionally on really muddy days used a bowl of water and dipped his feet into it...)