Sunday, July 6, 2014

A little coast trip

As much as I suck at landscape photography it is hard to make the California coast look bad. 


Bixby Bridge. Not as popular as that other California bridge so often photographed in the fog, but a pretty neat structure nonetheless. I can’t imagine building that! 

Bixby Bridge 

“Hey! We’re on a big pile of sand!” 


What is not to love about Carmel? I wish there was something to do for a living there other than own a restaurant or tourist shop or pick berries. What a great place to be. 

Belly thinks so, too. Although could have used sun glasses. 


She is just fascinated by moving sand. I think she thinks something is there making it more. Kate, as you can tell, not that impressed. 


They did very well with the fireworks. They don’t really do anything other than get a little clingy, but still, we do a lot of Cookies for Boom-booms. Bella picks up on this game quickly every year. 

“You hear that? Where’s my Charlie Bear?” 


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