Monday, February 17, 2014

No presidential talk today

Just dogs and ravioli.

It was old fart day today. My two being the youngest of the farts.

We went to have lunch with the mighty Miss Emmy (and Marie)


I hope my two are that well at 14 and a half. 

Still queen of the couch.


Reigning over her domain


Kate only care about the toys. See the dog bed in the back? First things she does is go to that bed, pick it up and shake it so the toys cover the living room. She's such a polite house guest.


She works herself up over the toys for a few hours then moves on to the other good thing about Aunt Marie's house....bedding.


Bella's favorite thing about visiting is when stuff happen in the kitchen involving something other than me just getting coffee. Like, you know, people actually cook in there and shit.


Rubbing it in


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  1. The most expressive of dog's faces go straight to the heart. I love it.