Monday, September 9, 2013

That's What You Get Or Don't Get, I Guess

We have a bug going through the house. Bugs and four dog asses do not make for good times.
Even Bella, who has an ass of steel, had an accident in the house today. Ever thoughtful, she was kind enough to poop on hardwood instead of bed, carpet, rug, like some other dogs.
However, Bella is not feeling bad in general terms and would really like to have some dinner if that would be OK?
It would not.
Bella has a hungry sad. Grumblies in her tumblies!
She has been looking at me like this since I got home. She can't believe that I would have magically forgotten to feed her. She not going to like missing her bully stick tonight either.
Suck it up poopy pants!
We leave on Thursday to go down south for a trial. Have not been trialing much. We sort of decided to be fair weather agility people and going to the central valley heat in the summer is just not appealing anymore.
I am looking forward to different people and different dogs and coast weather. It is clear that these folks don't do a lot of CPE. AKC crowd, maybe? On Saturday, Bella is the only 20" level C dog! Sunday we have one other. I have never seen that before. Good thing I don't care about competing, I guess. Would be disappointed travelling all that way to run against myself! However, regardless of what happens, there will be 5 first places on Saturday.  HAHA!

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