Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Restoring Balance

We are all creatures of habit. We all like our routines, our normals. In the morning that is usually collie-ish dogs at one end of the park, labs at the other. Bella is just back to being allowed off leash. The comment was made to me this morning, “it’s nice to have the balance restored at the dog park.”
We agree
Kate needs to make sure the picture taking balance is intact, too.
Checking up on me.
Bella is getting used to the cone now that it’s about time for it to come off. She removed the stitches from the smaller cut on her belly less than 48 hours after surgery so spent the previous Monday AND Thursday at the vets. I was worried sick Monday. Thursday? Not so much. That one was on her. She made her bed and lying in it consisted of a day at the clinic and some staples. Tough.
We also learned that they were, in fact, just lipomas. It was suspected, but the one with some mammary involvement was a teeny bit concerning.
I have always joked that ticking on a dog is like hotel carpeting – hides all the dirt. It also hides stitches and shaves up pretty well. Would you even notice that her shoulder is shaved and has stitches if it wasn’t pointed out?
Camo dog
It’s nice to have a not-so-sad-face dog back. She is happy to have her ball carrying duties reinstated.
Kate is happy that her life is no longer being ruined.

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  1. These images are amazing! I'm a huge fan of pet photography and I'm in love with these captures. Not to mention - CATTLE DOGS!!!!